Sunday, March 15, 2009


For those of you who haven’t heard it through the grape-vine yet… I met an amazing, amazing man and we are getting married!!! His name is Jeffery Dallas Chapman. Jeff and I have been dating for about 3 ½ months and he proposed to me on March 10th. We met at MyComfort when I was working there. He came in with his brother, niece and nephew and I knew I had to date him:). There was a kindness in his eyes and his smile that drew me to him and I just couldn't resist... His parents came in to the store later that day and I told them they should have their son come back and get my phone number. A couple hours later he showed up and the rest is history:).
Jeff has become my best friend the last few months and has been wonderful to have in my life. He kept the proposal a pretty good secret with the help of Callie:) ha… he proposed in front of the temple… we are so excited!!! Jeff has a 13 year old daughter, Chantell, who is adorable and is very excited as well. Jeff is amazing with Noah and Noah absolutely adores him. I am so excited for this adventure and to have a happy family with such an amazing, caring, giving, kind-hearted, gentle, and fun-loving man!!!
Jeff is from Provo and has grown up in Utah his whole life. He was married for about 6 years and has been divorced now for about 8. He is 34. We are perfect for each other and have been so happy the last few months to have each other. It is a beautiful thing to have someone in my life that I absolutely adore to the core and love everything about. I can’t wait for you all to meet him.

Anyway, we will be getting married April 25th and will just have a very small ceremony. We will be leaving on May 2nd for a 7 day Mexican cruise!!!

Yay for love:)

Love you all

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